Let me tell you about the time when I came to Canada🍁 from Colombia.

I was forty and a new mom, leaving behind my country, family, and health-related career.

Pushing five heavy suitcases🧳and holding my loving husband's hand, we were here to start again. We were looking for a safer place to raise our daughter.

Settling in a new -and so cold!❄️- place was challenging but exciting. The first time I saw the snow, like small fluffy feathers falling from the sky, I couldn't help but cry out of fascination and happiness.
But the pandemic came and made everything hard: we were isolated from our small support net, far from our family and in a foreign country.

It was then that I decided to start Monarca Canada🦋 as a way to be present for my daughter and husband, keep a connection with my family business and adapt to the new reality.

After these three years, my small business has done more than that for me. It has introduced me to an amazing community of local entrepreneurs, market organizers, talented creators, and kind customers.

Monarca is not only my business. It's one of the main reasons I finally grew roots in Canada and call this place home.
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