I keep getting asked…

When at markets, I’ve found a pattern in people’s reaction to my real 🦋 wing jewelry.

It’s so interesting: first, their sight is captured by a my colorful, iridescent butterfly jewelry. Then they  get closer.  That’s the moment for the “Wow!", "Beautiful!", and "So unique!”.

There’s a pause… and the first question comes out:



How do you source the butterfly wings? The🦋 I work with are ethically sourced from sanctuaries and nature centers, where they are raised by licensed breeders. They sell the butterflies after their short lifespan ends naturally.  

How many 🦋 have you killed? Yes, I have been asked that. At least once in a not that kind way, but it’s ok. The answer is zero. 

How did you get the idea of 🦋 wing jewelry? Self-adorning with 🦋 wings has been done for centuries! For Monarca, the idea was from one of my sisters, who is a biologist and learned to preserve the🦋 she studied. That was only the first step, though. Making them light and wearable has been the key of our story. We’re proud of it! 


But that’s not all! I have also been asked some crazy questions. 

Are they edible? I can’t forget a teenager who asked that. I thought he was kidding. But he was very serious, standing in front of me, holding this display in his hand. And actually waiting for an answer. Of course, the answer is no, dear, that's not how you'll feel "butterflies in your stomach". 

Do you run after the Monarch 🦋 while they migrate, and catch the dead ones? mmm, no. I don't work with wild populations. And, god, I don't run. I'm the less athletic person you could meet. But I do yoga. Sometimes I'm late for my class. Then, I run. Does it count like running?

Do you have tiny guns and "pew-pew-pew" to the 🦋 and then take the wings?  that's very imaginative, I can't deny it. And the "pew" sound was very realistic, LOL. But no. I source them ethically, only after they pass naturally. And I haven't hold a gun of any size in my whole life.



Some people ask about the meaning of their experiences with 🦋. I know many scientific explanations, but, why don't stay with the deep, spiritual ones?. 

What's the meaning of a 🦋 landing on you? for many cultures, it's a late loved watching over you.

I remember a customer who asked me that question. She was visited by a 🦋 in her birthday, after her husband passing. She showed me a picture, it was a majestic swallowtail.  I told her what I've read, about it representing the souls of the loved ones. She was so moved, and said "maybe he wanted to say happy birthday". I said "I think he did", and tears welling up, we hugged. 

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