From clashing teenagers to business partners

How did we transform from clashing teenagers to business partners with a shared dream? It’s a story of growth, passion, and family bonds.

Growing up under the same roof in Colombia, my sisters and I, like many siblings, often found ourselves at odds. We fought about everything, from trivial matters to bigger issues. It was a tumultuous time, but we survived!  In hindsight, those years laid the foundation for something beautiful.🦋

Our journey began over a decade ago when my younger sisters launched the first Monarca in Colombia. I, Nora, initially helped them as a hobby while pursuing a career in health, and soon enough, I was hooked.

Amanda, our sister with a passion for biology, moved to the U.S. to study for her PhD at Stanford University. There, she set up a Monarca satellite studio and started participating in major events across several cities.🦋

My path led me to Edmonton, Alberta. Despite the -chilly- climate, I found a new home and eventually established Monarca Canada.🦋

Back in Colombia, our creative mastermind Olga continues to lead the original and largest Monarca studio.🦋

Despite our teenage clashes, we now share a unified vision for Monarca. We collaborate, innovate, and support each other with business -and life- advice.

Just like the Monarch butterfly, our family has migrated far and wide, always yearning to return home each year🦋.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and supporting Monarca. Together, we continue to spread beauty and passion across continents🦋.

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